History Of Boscoree


    Boscoree, The Very Word Creates Anxiety, Happiness, Excitement, Anticipation, Thrill And Joy In The Hearts Of All The Scouts, Guides, Rovers, Rangers, Scout Masters And Guide Captains In The Don Bosco Institutions All Over India. It Is A Gathering In Which Scouts And Guides Along With Rovers And Rangers, Scout Masters And Guide Captains From The Don Bosco Institutions All Over India, Camp Together In The Same Campus, Living Together In A Learning Experience Of Love And Brotherhood/Sisterhood With A Commitment Towards Nation Building.

    It Offers A Wonderful Opportunity For The Campers To Come Together And Celebrate Their Differences And Experience The Unity Under The Banners Of St. Don Bosco And Sir. Baden Powel. It Provides A World Of Enriching Experience By Meeting Their Counterparts From Varied Backgrounds, Religions, Races, Languages, Cultures, Traditions And Practices So That They Can Build A Better India And A Better World.

    Origin And History Of Boscoree

    The Salesian Fathers And Sisters Follow The Educative Method Of St. John Bosco, A World-Renowned Educator Whose Educative System Is Popular And Most Appreciated In The Current Times. Lord Baden Powell The Founder Of The Scout Movement Was A Contemporary Of Don Bosco, And Both These Personalities Share Many Characteristics In Their Method For The Education Of Youth. Therefore It Was Natural For The Salesians To Take To Scouting.

    The Early Salesians Who Took Up St. Antony’s School In Thanjavur, Tamilnadu Had A Unit Of Scouts. This Unit Won The Appreciation Of The People Of Thanjavur Because Of The Services It Rendered At Public Functions. It Is To Be Noted That In January 1921 At The Rally Of All The Scouts Of South India Convened At Chennai On The Occasion Of The Visit Of Sir Baden Powell, The Scouts Of St. Antony’s School Of Thanjavur With Their Brass Band Came Out First Among The 110 Schools That Participated. It Was A Commendable Effort And It Was By No Means A Mean Achievement. It Gives A Crystal Clear Indication That The Early Salesians Were Interested And They Did Not Leave Any Stone Unturned In Their Efforts To Build Up This Movement.

    The First Ever Significant Gathering Of Scouts From Different Troops From Salesian Institutions In India Was Way Back In 1966 When Scouts From Don Bosco Troop Broadway (Chennai), Don Bosco Matunga (Mumbai), Don Bosco Troop Basin Bridge (Chennai), Don Bosco Egmore (Chennai) And St. Bedes (Chennai) Met At Kovalam, Near Chennai For A Scout Camp Together. It Was Organized By Rev. Fr. Mcferran Sdb. It Was The First Of Its Kind And Indeed It Was An Event To Be Remembered And Cherished.

    Faint Idea Of A National Gathering For Scouts And Guides From Don Bosco Schools Had Its Origin In Kristu Jyoti College, Bangalore. The Idea Grew From The Don Bosco Scouts Unit Attached To The Iti Oratory, Bangalore. Slowly This Idea Gathered Steam And It Became A Reality In 1974 With The National Level Gathering Of Scouts And Guides In Doddapallapur, Karnataka, India. The Gathering Was Called ‘All India Don Bosco Scout Camp.’ The Theme Of The Gathering Was “To Love.” Many Could Not Participate In The Camp Due To The National Wide Railway Strike Prior To The Days Of The Camp. Only 199 Scouts And Guides Participated In The Camp Out Of 450 Who Registered. Those Who Came Were From Distant Places Like Manipur, Shillong, Calcutta And Mumbai.

    In 1976 The Scout Troop In Don Bosco Matunga Celebrated Its Silver Jubilee Of Its Foundation. To Solemnize This Milestone They Opted To Convene The Second Boscoree. It Was Here That The National Gathering Of Scouts And Guides From Don Bosco Intuitions Christened “Boscoree.” From Then On The Name Has Become A Household Name In Don Bosco Institutions In India. The Theme Was “To Share.” There Were About 400 Participants. At The End Of The Camp A Common Popular Opinion Of Provinces Taking Up The Organization Of The Boscoree Emerged From The Salesians Who Took Part In The Gathering. The Province Of Guwahati Willingly And Daringly Took Up The Organization Of The Third Boscoree.

    The Third Boscoree Was Organized In Shillong By Guwahati Province In 1979. It Was For The First Time That The Boscoree Was Organized By A Province. The Theme Was “To Serve.” A Selected Group From The Students Of Theology From The Sacred Heart Theological College, Mawlai, Shillong Organized This Boscoree. For The First Time The Boscoree Magazine With All The Details Of The Camp Was Sent To All The Salesian Institutions Who Had Registered To Participate In The Camp. There Were About 800 Participants. It Was Encouraging To See The Number Of Participants Go Up But At The Same Time It Was Alarming To See The Expenses Shooting Up. In Fact The Expenses Factor Played On The Mind Of The Provincials And Provinces From Taking Up The Next Boscoree. For The Next Nine Years There Was No Such Gathering In The National Level In Salesian India.

    In The Year 1988, The Death Centenary Of Don Bosco, The Don Bosco Youth Animation Center India (Dbya, India) Came Into Existence. Boscoree Got A New Lease Of Life From Dbya As It Slated Boscoree As One Of Its Main Programme For The Celebration Of Db88. The Province Of Bangalore Volunteered To Organize This Mega Event. Thus The Fourth Boscoree After A Gap Of Nine Years Was Organized In Doddabellapur. The Theme Was “To Renew.” There Were About 600 Participants.

    The Dbya Took Up The Responsibility Of Conducting The Boscoree Once In Three Years From 1988. The Salesian Provincials’ Conference Of South Asia (Spcsa) A Forum Of All The Salesian Provincials Of South Asia Is The Final Authority Regarding The Conduct Of The Boscoree. The Hosting Province Sees To The Complete Organization And Conduct Of This Mega Event. Thus, Boscoree Became Part Of The Spcsa Programme.